If you would like a quote, select the type of building you would like. The shop building package is just the start. You will have the option to locate the doors where you would like them, add or subtract doors, add windows, leans and porches, choose higher sidewalls, etc. There is no charge for changing the location of your openings.

Haughton, LA

Servicing 100 mile radius
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Canton, TX

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New Braunfels, TX

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How easy is it to get started?

  1. Call us for a quote. We are proud of our combination of top quality workmanship at the lowest prices.
  2. When you are ready to take it to the next step, call us for an on-site appointment. We will come out and help locate the area where you would like your project built. We flag the location in preparation for construction, then use a transit to determine the grade on your building site so we can calculate exactly how much dirt is needed to build your pad.
  3. You can decide if you would prefer our standard priced building (many do) or have additional items added to create your own unique structure. You may select Galvalume or your choice of our wide range of designer colors for the roof, sidewalls, trim, and where to place any doors, windows, etc. If your plans require any optional items you may select them and have them added in the locations you choose.
  4. We give you a firm quote in writing.
  5. There is no obligation or charge for a survey and site visit (within our coverage area) to assist you in finalizing your building plans. If you select one of our standard priced buildings with no options, the price you see advertised is the total price, plus any additional dirt needed. The amount of dirt required varies from project to project depending on the terrain and is determined by our on-site survey. All labor, materials, and taxes are included. No surprises!

Once you have decided to build with us and have returned the signed building order, we will set up the next available start date, usually within two to three weeks. We order your materials and have the panels and trim manufactured specifically for your project.

No deposit or down payment is required. We only require 1/2 of the total price after we have completely framed your building. When the slab has been poured and we have finished skinning and trimming out the building, we receive the final 1/2 payment. Upon final payment your warranty begins and we will provide a complimentary finish grade on your dirt pad (if we did the dirt work) to bring the surrounding soil up to grade.

Once we begin framing, it usually takes 3 to 5 days to complete your building, barring inclement weather or other delays beyond our control.

How easy is that?