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  1. We schedule an appointment to meet you at your construction site to discuss your project, determine the features you want on your building, select the colors, and flag out the location. We then use a transit to calculate the amount of dirt needed to build your pad.
  2. Once a contract is signed we will assign you the next available start date, usually 2-4 weeks from the ordering of your building depending on the season. We then strip the topsoil and do all the tractor work to build a fully compacted dirt pad if we supply the dirt.
  3. We frame your standard or custom building, providing a true 4" or better 3000 psi fiber reinforced concrete slab with a 3 ft. concrete apron on all roll up doors, and a 3 ft. square concrete apron on all walk in doors.
  4. We then install all the metal components on the framed structures, set and trim all doors and windows, and your building will be ready to use!

Everyone would love a quality workshop, garage or barn, and there is a fast growing trend in the housing industry using post frame construction in the residential market. The ability to build a cost effective, energy efficient home is sweeping the nation and Ark-La-Tex Shop Builders is leading the way with innovative options in durable metal roofing and construction methods.

We make it affordable for just about anyone and make it a worthwhile investment as well!

When it comes time for that much needed building, Ark-La-Tex Shop Builders will work with you to make it a reality!

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